E17 - Alison Nicholas: Sleepless nights as the Solheim Cup captain

Dec 01, 2017, 05:30 AM

Welcome back to the Leadership Files. This time, we return to the world of golf as Danno catches up with former US Open champion and victorious Solheim Cup captain Alison Nicholas. From the outset, Alison shares how Christian faith has shaped her leadership at the pinnacle of her sport. She says: “What would Christ do in this situation? That’s the question I ask myself.”

Alison talks about making tough selection calls as a captain, how she grew as a leader, sleepless nights and struggling with her identity.

Listen in as Alison talks about

Facing the flak from unpopular decisions (4mins 25secs) Managing different players and personalities (7.30) How the Bible shapes her life (18.10) And much more…