US Tech into Banks Rotation, Brexit DUPed and CBOE Bitcoin

Dec 05, 2017, 10:47 AM

US Tech into Banks Rotation, Brexit DUPed and CBOE Bitcoin Matt Brown joins Nick Batsford to discuss the major market moving events including: Post Senate approval of Trump Tax reforms US investors are moving from Tech stocks into Banks, although this is seen as healthy and fund managers will be looking for value into year end and taking profits from strong performing US Tech sector.

After Brexit talks stall, following the 11th hour sideswipe from the DUP, how can Prime Minister May now revitalise the talks and bring the DUP into the fold. The pound will react accordingly to Brexit related news and may rally if a deal is agreed.

Bitcoin gets the greenlight from the CBOE to begin trading on the 5th December 2017, what will this mean for the crypto currency as JP Morgan says Bitcoin could be as big as gold.

FTSE one to watch - struggling today in the FTSE 250, Provident Financial announces it's MoneyBarn is being investigated by the FCA adding further woes to a company that has under performed this year.

Character Group - owner of rights to Peppa Pig and Teletubbies, updates the market ahead of the key Christmas period.

Tesco - with an upgrade from Goldman Sachs, the stock is outperforming today.

Core Number - 800 jobs to be lost at Toy R US in the UK. Following the announcement of 800 jobs to be created by Facebook in the UK. The business model of large warehouse retail in the UK is no longer as viable.

Finally, looking ahead to the days macro economic announcements, with a light diary, focus will be on Brexit, post tax reform asset allocation and Bitcoin.

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