Les Ross - brmb - 18th Jan 1989

Feb 04, 2012, 05:42 PM

Commercial radio is sometimes criticised for not cultivating great national personalities; but that’s hardly surprising, given its whole structure was driven, in the main part, by local stations. That does not mean it has failed to produce some personalities who have commanded their markets.

One is Les Ross. It would waste characters to say he is a Brummie, but, well he is. He was not present at the birth of BRMB; despite his experience at BBC Radio Birmingham, so he had to gain his stripes launching Radio Tees before he was invited back. But BRMB became his home; and breakfast his favourite room. He disappeared off to the AM service Xtra briefly, before returning for a final successful stint on BRMB breakfast: as Capital took ownership (for the second time). They clearly thought Ross=Tarrant. It was an amazing 28 years.

Les has appeared on WM and on Saga, but the brmb years were his finest hour. He was simply himself; and is still fondly remembered both by his City and those who judged awards. In this 1989 show, you hear Les’s mind wandering in the way it spontaneously did. Often it worked; sometimes it didn't. Breaking every rule in the book. But, the book wasn’t written back then.

Interesting hearing the news headline regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. All those years ago. #radio