Cheryl Costa, December 10, 2017 - UFO Sightings Desk Reference - The truth is in the stats, numbers and charts.

Dec 06, 2017, 05:00 PM

"Well if 70 percent or 218.69 million Americans think the government is not being forthcoming and transparent about this UFO business, isn't it time to present some data?"  - Cheryl Costa- reporter for the Syracuse New Times, co-author with Linda Miller Costa, of the new UFO Sightings Desk Reference 2001-2015.

Couple of notes from the current book:  1. Observers who report UFOs can be flagged in a search by two activities. They smoke and/or they have dogs.  2. Leisure time and temperate weather play a part in the sightings.

Cheryl was a kid when she saw her first UFO. 1965, late August, just before school started. The family, loaded in the car, returning home, still out in the country when they saw a curious object hovering in the sky. It stayed for some 20 minutes or so, silver and round and definitely unexplained.  

UFO Sightings Desk Reference, USA 2001-2015. No stories, just charts, graphs and stats. One stat Cheryl and her partner worked out: Only 1 in 42 people reports a sighting. 

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