Can training your brain make you richer?

Dec 08, 2017, 04:46 PM

Could you train your brain to get richer?

Behavioural economics tells us that we regularly behave irrationally – and nudge theory has been used by governments and organisations around the world to try to make us better people.

But could you take matters into your own hands, tackle your own temptations and make yourself wealthier, or just happier?

On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost look at some tricks you can deploy – and whether you can actually turn that old chestnut about not spending money on coffee into hard cash in your bank account, pension or Isa.

Also on this week’s show, we discuss why Britain is bottom of the world pension league and whether that is actually as bad as it seems.

Plus, we look at why NS&I’s new income bonds are proving such a hit with readers.

And finally, just in case all that brain training doesn’t go as planned, Simon outlines how you can prepare an investing plan B for when the market inevitably crashes one day.