Make Someone's Christmas 2017 - Nicole King from Ashford

Dec 12, 2017, 05:23 PM

We've joined forces with Kent Reliance again to make Christmas 2017 for a number of people in Kent, the best yet.

Day 3 is a nomination from Nicole King's Mum, Phillipa.

Nicole is my daughter, and she's 16 years old. Just before her 14th birthday Nicole was rushed into hospital because she lost the use of her legs.

We found out that Nicole had a condition called SUFE and she may not walk again as it was so severe.

A week later she had her first surgery which was a temporary measure as she needed extensive surgery on both hips which could not be carried out until they could find the right doctor.

She had the first surgery in the August and spent her 14th birthday in bed as she was unable to walk.

In September she had her second surgery which was one of two hip reconstruction surgeries which lasted eight hours.

She was very poorly after and needed a blood transfusion.

Getting home from this surgery, Nicole was unable to use her legs to even stand and spent the whole time in bed on in a wheelchair.

Finally she had the last surgery the second hip reconstruction surgery in January, and luckily she wasn't so poorly after this one and we were home in a few days.

She spent nearly a year in a wheelchair unable to walk.

Nicole now has a condition called AVN which means she needs hip replacements as the surgery unfortunately did not work.

Nicole was a happy beautiful girl who loved to dance go out with her friends play sports and this has all been taken away. She can No longer do any physical activities like running, jumping or dancing. She's unable to walk long distances without having to take a break and rest, but she doesn't let it get her down.

Through out this whole illness she has smiled laughed and kept us going as a family. Her attitude to life has changed and she makes the most of everything now - she is a true fighter, and is becoming a beautiful young lady.

She now calls her 12 inch scars her battle scars, where as before she would cry about them.

Nicole is now at college studying child care as she wants to work with special needs children. We thought this may not be possible as Nicole missed Year 10 at school due to the illness, but in Year 11 she battled through the pain and walking difficulties to catch up on work. She spent lunch breaks and after school catching up, and achieved her GCSE's.

I am so proud of my daughter and if it wasn't for her I think my family would have fallen apart.

If Nicole is chosen I would love her to have a day where she is treated like a princess. She loves make up, hair and clothes and I would love for her to get a makeover. I know this would mean so much to her. Thank you for reading.