RED MOON Episode One: Moonrise [Audio Drama]

Dec 14, 2017, 10:00 AM

When Russia put the first man on the moon... the world changed.

Wireless Theatre's alternate history, Cold War thriller. Starring Philip Bulcock (THE DARK KNIGHT) and William Hope (ALIENS).


London, 1979. As American and Soviet moonbases aim their nuclear missiles at targets across the planet, former MI5 officer Eddie Sloper is about to uncover a deadly secret.

CAST AND CREW: Eddie Sloper... PHILIP BULCOCK Wilkins... STEPHEN CRITCHLOW Emperor Zurk/Rick Risk... RICHARD REED Mission Control/Cab Driver... GREG PAGE The Space Snaxx Kid... SARAH WHITEHOUSE Den... YASMINE HOLNESS-DOVE Mrs. Jones... GEORGINA PERIAM Russian Countdown... DAVID TAYLOR Uri Gagarin... ANDREI ZAYATS Lt. Gen. Atherton... WILLIAM HOPE

Other parts were played by members of the cast. Recording took place at the RNIB Talking Book Studios.

Production Assistant... LIIS MIKK Studio engineering, editing and sound design by JIM SIGEE Music composed and performed by FRANCESCO QUADRARUOPOLO Story by JACK BOWMAN and ROBERT VALENTINE Written, directed and produced by ROBERT VALENTINE Commissioning Editor: MARIELE RUNACRE-TEMPLE

Cover art by @arbernaut

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