16 - "Gathering Of Momentum" - 'UFO Technology Suppression & Government Drug Smuggling' with Eliahi Priest

Dec 13, 2017, 11:54 PM

Hey beautiful people welcome back this weeks flow session I had Eliaih Priest on and he is a bloody beauty. A pioneer and visionary he is:

*Previous UK Director for Institute for Security & Cooperation in Outer Space

*Speaker at 2008 World Peace Congress *Senior Advisor to Lord David James of Blackheath

*Designate Honorary Consul for the Democratic Republic of Congo to Australia

Plus he has been doing major things here in Australia holding the government accountable for its actions and putting pressure on the many corrupt government organisations who are meant to be looking after Australian's but instead are just gate keepers keeping the wheels of the evil old system greased.

We touched on a few topics like:

*Free energy concepts * The Gate Keepers Blocking Free energy * The 5 Star Trust * Suppressed UFO Technology * The Australia Government funding terrorism * The global Government drug smuggling syndicate * PIzza gate / Podesta * Non Lethal Mind control * DARPA / SISPA * MIchael Aquino & The Temple Of SET

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See Eliahi's work @ www.contactzero.org