Boat Radio – The Boat Galley – 61. Life’s more interesting when you say ‘yes’

Dec 18, 2017, 05:00 AM

Facing fears, overcoming nervousness and trying new experiences. This week, Carolyn advocates enriching your life by saying ‘yes’ to things you’d ordinarily avoid. The Boat Galley website is the Number One online resource for the cruising community worldwide. You’ll find hundreds of tips and tricks for making your boat life better with real life examples drawn from Carolyn Shearlock’s many years of experience living aboard boats. Plus, there are lots of great recipes and a wealth of information about living without refrigeration. Check it out today, at To find out more about Boat Radio and to learn how an advert for your product or service could be heard 300,000+ times every month by boaters worldwide (but mostly in the United States), visit