Make Someone's Christmas 2017 - Albie Brookman

Dec 19, 2017, 04:12 PM

We've joined forces with Kent Reliance again to make Christmas 2017 for a number of people in Kent, the best yet.

Day 7 comes from Amy Brookman, who nominated her 8 year old Son, Albie.

Albie is just 8 years old. He is a very usual boy with a very special heart. Albie thinks in a completely unique way and is more empathetic than anyone I’ve ever met.

A couple of examples, Albie, for his birthday asked to sponsor a lion. He didn’t care for gifts he just wanted to help stop extinction.

Albie recently raised over £150 for children’s cancer charity after waking up saying, ‘I want to help make poorly children more comfortable.’ He worked hard selling merchandise and was very proud of himself.

But the thing that is most admirable about Albie is how he inspires others. His fundraising has now prompted family members to climb Ben Nevis for children with cancer charity. Albie just thinks beautiful thoughts and has a maturity that helps him act on these thoughts! I love that he even suggested if he was Prime Minister of the jungle (watching I’m A Celeb) that the first rule he would make is that everyone would get a turn in the comfy bed!

He really does make so many people happy and I think this treat could help nurture his desire to continue doing good for people who need it most.

For his treat could I suggest a mini break, he would love to see Father Christmas or Mickey Mouse. But in honesty Albie would be so pleased with any gesture; I know this because I know how much any act of kindness means to my angel Albie. Thank you.