Episode 33 - Ned Elliott and Grover Smith of Indie Chefs Week

Dec 21, 2017, 12:00 PM

Today on What's Eric Eating CultureMap Food Editor and host Eric Sandler is joined by the wonderful ladies of Urban Swank, Shanna Jones and Felice Sloan. Eric discusses with Shanna and Felice some of the latest news from the Houston restaurant and bar scene including Chris Shepherd's announcement of major changes coming for his restaurants in 2018, Pappa Charlies Barbeque closing, and much more! In the Restaurants of the Week portion features Emmaline and Doris Metropolitan.

In the Guests of the Week segment, Eric is joined by Ned Elliott and Grover Smith of Indie Chefs Week. Eric speaks with the guys about the motivation behind starting Indie Chefs Week, why Houston was the next destination for the event, what was the reasoning behind the Houston chef selections, how many more Indie Chefs Week's are they planning, and much more. Plus find out the reasoning why Ned decided to sell his critically acclaimed restaurant Foreign & Domestic in Austin and when we can expect a Foreign & Domestic in Houston.