Protect the 62 per cent

Dec 21, 2017, 04:41 PM

Mesnjak Forest reimagined by Cities and Memory.

Approximately 62% of Slovenia is covered in forests, much of which is "primary forest" - the most biodiverse forest. Forests, however, are always under threat from industry, whether logging to use the forest's resources or making way for urban areas and construction. The mighty Bialowieza Forest across Poland, for instance, is under great threat. This piece is a reminder that we must protect and conserve our forest land. The first half is an ambient synth-led celebration of the beauty of natural forests, but the drums represent the encroaching threat of industry, beginning with hats. Samples of chainsaws are interjected amongst the snares and percussion, and as the drums become more insistent, we are invaded by the full presence of foresting loggers. The piece closes with a falling tree and a warning.