"The Nones Are Alright"

Dec 22, 2017, 12:16 AM

In our final episode for 2017, we take a look at the dynamics, challenges, and benefits of interfaith families, particularly in Jewish communities. Amy shares her own experience as a Christian woman married to a culturally Jewish man, and raising their kids to be religiously Christian but culturally Jewish.

We also discuss an article in BuzzFeed that highlights the desire to merge Jewish religious traditions with "wellness," a trendy movement happening amongst millennial and Gen-X practitioners. And Nish has a related interview with author, journalist and UC Berkeley professor Kaya Oakes, about the trends, spiritual lives, and politics of the fastest-growing religious demographic: "The Nones," or those who say that have no religious affiliation.

Make sure you catch Amy's article this week in the NY Times: "America's New Religion: Fox Evangelicalism"