True Crime: The Bludgeoning - Episode 10

Episode 10,  Dec 26, 2017, 04:38 PM

This episode of the Cleaning of John Doe sounds like a Hollywood movie, but be assured that every detail is as it happened or was relayed to us. When one woman does what needs to be done to protect her grandchildren, she had no idea that would lead her down a path of betrayal and bring her to the very threshold of death. Listen as our host takes on you on the most surprising job of her career. And how she almost became a victim herself...

A woman's son dies in her home and her illness prevents her from noticing. What is left behind is too much for one individual and he hangs up his bio-suit for good. Few last long in the crime scene cleaning business and in this episode of The Cleaning of John Doe, you'll hear just how much this industry can throw at you.

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