Boat Radio – Ocean Research Project – Riding out a tropical storm in The Bahamas

Dec 27, 2017, 08:59 AM

In this final edition of Matt Rutherford’s podcast, he falls down a hole on a Bahamanian island and lands right on top of a garbage bag filled with marijuana. He then rides out a tropical storm at anchor before heading out into open ocean with a ruined engine. And that’s when he’s becalmed and finds himself bobbing along, riding the Gulf Stream for two weeks, heading north. He also talks a little more about Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava who were adrift in the Pacific Ocean for five months and whose story has inspired countless newspaper articles and television news segments. This is Matt’s final show for Boat Radio and we wish him well with his new endeavour, the Single-Handed Sailing podcast, which launches January 1st and which you can find via any of the usual podcasting apps. Check it out and don’t forget to leave a review. If you’d like Matt to help you find the best blue water yacht for you, drop him a line via To learn more about Matt’s conservation work, visit To enjoy a variety of Boat Radio podcasts as an audiostream, to browse our library of past podcasts and to learn more about us, visit our website: If you’d like to advertise on Boat Radio and have your message heard up to 300,000 times per month by boat owners and enthusiasts worldwide (but mostly in the United States), then drop us a line via