#57: Miss Kansas Has Ink

Sep 17, 2013, 03:56 PM

1- Sanity in Syria US and Russia agree to let UN inspect and destroy weapons to avoid airstrikes and save face 2- This week I’m going with stupid and sports 3- Zimmerman at it again altercation with wife and father in law IPad smashed Zimmerman hitting head again he’s always hit in head and of course no charges filed. He’s neighborhood watch captain its time to move out of neighborhood 4- Iowa says its ok for blind people to carry guns in public, my question, why is it not ok for blind people to drive to range or on the hunting trip Oh I forgot, there’s an eye test for drivers license but not for gun ownership 5- Oklahoma state players I didn’t go to study I went to play football. Sports Illustrated reports that tutors did work for athletes (yawn) nothing new Dez Bryant cheated in college, really, the player that set a new NFL low for being arrested for domestic violence against his MOTHER didn’t go to class, I’ll be damned Les Miles the former coach and T Boone Pickens the billionaire of course deny allegations you can see where the players would be lying, not the coach that went to an even bigger job or the billionaire who built stadium 6- Johnny Manziel 3 touchdowns after his half game suspension 464 yards against Alabama, I guess his autograph is worth something. The ultimate hypocrisy CBS has Johnny cam to follow just him on field but, he shouldn’t get paid… 7- Von Miller suspended for driving without license while on suspension for substance abuse c’mon Von, hit somebody and score the triple 8- What did you do last night Floyd Mayweather made 41 million dollars? Stay in school kids 9- Coach K madly in love with Beyoncé Introduces self after giving speech Cool coach is a mess, how fine is she 10- Miss Kansas has ink, I love it HOT and from Kansas who’d of guessed