Radio City - Tom Edwards

Feb 07, 2012, 08:29 PM

In the 60s, a flotilla of pirate radio ships floated out to the North Sea to bring pop music to a 60s Britain. Some stations, though, hopped onto things other than ships. Screaming Lord Sutch alighted on Shivering Sands Towers to create, maybe predictably, Radio Sutch. The towers were seven miles off the Kent coast and had been built for Forces' use in World War II. Radio Sutch became Radio City, following acquisition and re-brand, which had a severely troubled existence resulting in the death in a scuffle of owner Reg Calvert.

The Government was delighted when it realised it could suggest the towers were in territorial waters after all, and the station closed at midnight on 8 February 1967.

On these delightful clips, enjoy Tom Edwards (later on Radio 2) on Radio City. Note his use of the word 'number' to denote a song.

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