Season 1, Episode 1,  Jan 08, 2018, 05:30 AM

In Episode 1, Ana Kinsella and Stevie Mackenzie-Smith talk about beginnings. We meet Abigail, who decided to make her own wedding dress for a beginning of her own, and Kate O’Donnell, who built up a wardrobe from scratch when she transitioned. Plus, a diary of those all-important first-day-at-work outfits from Colleen Kelsey in New York, and writer and cook Rebecca May Johnson shares a story of satin trousers for Loved and Lost.

Items: Is Fashion Modern? closes at MoMA this month. Read about it here:

Stevie also mentions her trip to Sara Berman’s closet, and you can do a video tour of it here, thanks to the New Yorker

Here is an essay about women in fedoras: Ana's hat is really more like a borsalino.

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