Carrie Grace coverage on Radio 4's Today and Woman's Hour

Jan 08, 2018, 09:36 AM

Following the resignation of Carrie Gracie from her post as the BBC's China Editor on grounds of pay inequality, she hosted the Radio 4 Today programme on 8th Jan 2018.

Hear clips of that programme here in which her resignation was covered, including her reading the headlines in which that story was not mentioned; the bulletins in which it was; the press reviews where it was, albeit John Humphrys read them; the interview with John which wasn't an interview; the one between John and Mariella Frostrup which was; and John explaining why everything was or wasnt being discussed.

Then - hear an interview with Carrie on Woman's Hour that same morning, concluding with the great back anno from Jane Garvey 'Impartiality does not stop me discussing the menopause on Woman's Hour next week'.