How to become a 6-figure earner as a coach this year

Jan 09, 2018, 02:28 AM

Coaching as a Side-Hustle 

Better face the facts. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to retire at your current place of employment. This means your current day job is temporary. Some employees hear this and “go ostrich.” Fearfully, they stick their heads in the ground and ignore this truth. Other employees wake up to the fact it’s their responsibility to create a side hustle now, before their jobs are eliminated or outsourced. Coaching is one the fastest growing professions. It's a multi-billion dollar industry producing incredible benefits for the coach and client.

Benefits of BEING a Coach

  • You can work whenever from wherever, with just a laptop or phone.

  • Convert your knowledge and experience into true value for others.

  • Co-create visible results in the lives of others.

  • Get paid to do what you love while invest in clients from around the world.

Benefits of GETTING Coached

  • A Truth Teller pushing you to dream bigger and dig deeper.

  • Regular accountability for personal and professional goal achievement.

  • Wisdom and insight from someone not directly tied to the outcome.

  • A confidential relationship that leads to more clarity and confidence.

In today’s podcast I share how to become a 6-figure earner as a coach this year. 

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