All Our Rowdy Friends (Part 2)

Jan 12, 05:26 PM

It’s part 2 of our set of shows talking to various friends of the Press Row Podcast, counting down their top 3 sports games of 2017! This week, we get a bunch of great guests to join, including Ryan Lewis from 4th String, Corey Andress from Electronic Arts, Daniel Baesel (aka UberYouTuber), Matt Kato from GameInformer, and Adam Burnett & Jeff Riddolls from Franchise Hockey Manager. It’s another really fun episode with a bunch of different perspectives! Rich Grisham, OOTP Developments/Hit The Pass (@richgrisham) Ryan Lewis, 4th String (@RyanTheLou) Corey Andress, Electronic Arts (@EACoreySA) Daniel Baesel, YouTube (@danielbaesal) Matt Kato, GameInformer (@MattKato) Adam Burnett, Franchise Hockey Manager (@KnightAttack09) Jeff Riddolls, Franchise Hockey Manager (@JeffRiddolls)​