IOE #01: What Do You Want? How to goal set effectively.

Jan 15, 2018, 09:00 PM

You can’t hit your goal if you don’t know what it is! Learn not just the importance of goal setting but practical visualization exercises on HOW TO GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT. Included below is the first chapter of my book titled “What Do You Want” this podcast episode was based on. 

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Chapter 1: What do you want?!?

I make it a point to ask multiple people daily “what do you want?”. Before identifying where you are with your present physical condition or what stops you from getting to your dream body destination, before exploring the multitude of alternate paths you can travel to avoid road blocks, identifying your destination is a great place to start. It’s damn near impossible to hit your mark if you don’t even know what your mark is. It is with this in mind I enjoy asking many individuals I come in contact with, myself and now you: What do you want? 

Believe it or not this question is much more difficult to answer then most people give it credit for. While some may not be capable of answering it at all remaining silent or confused by the simple question, others I ask seem to give a knee jerk reaction and when they open their mouth to respond they hear the voice of their mother, father or society coming out of their mouth. Judging why you want something or giving your version of what you think you should is totally useless and of no concern to me. I am interested in what YOU want. On the deepest level. With the door shut when nobody can hear you. When you are in a place safe enough to dream big, what do you want for your body? 

I am a genie with a magic wand (do genies even use magic wands?) ready, willing and able to grant you WHATEVER you desire for yourself physically. What do you want? Your dreams are limited ONLY by your ability to dream them. What do you want? If I were to snap my fingers and tell you whatever you stated in the next 5 minutes would come true as soon as you spoke or wrote the words, what would you create? 

Flash Light v Laser

This question is important for many reasons. For starters it gives you an opportunity to check in with yourself. Not taking into consideration right or wrong, possible or impossible, free advice or internal turmoil you get to discover and identify what it is that YOU want. What, if it was possible, would create a burning excitement to get out of bed and go in the morning? What idea or dream get’s you tingling and smirking and buzzing just discussing the prospect of? Well genuinely asking and answering this question empowers you to recognize what your destination looks like! 

Imagine your mind is a GPS that will go wherever you tell it. It will hone in on your destination and no matter how much congestion it identifies it will either stay locked on your position reminding you where to go or it will find an alternative route. In the case of this analogy and as is true with creating the body of your dreams, your internal GPS doesn’t guide you towards your destination until you focus in on the destination and accept that it is the desired end result.

The second reason asking yourself what you want is important is because it programs your brain to focus. Do you know what the difference between a flashlight that shines a pleasant light but dies out 30ft later and a laser that can be seen on the moon? Contrary to popular belief it is not POWER. It is focus. Focused energy, with the same amount of (or in many cases less) exerted effort can and will yield a result far greater than that of an equally powerful yet unfocused and thus, inferior, tool.

The third reason this is important is because the more clear your dream is physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise the more you experience an incredible phenomena. You stop being motivated (insert defin...