Genius, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien Solves Problems and Saves Lives

Jul 11, 2017, 04:36 PM

Can you imagine being busted by the NSA and Interpol at the age of 13? This real-life scenario played out for Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien after hacking into NASA to steal shuttle blueprints. With a staggering IQ of 197, Walter is the fifth smartest person in the world, a self-taught coder, and entrepreneur. Shortly after his teenage run-in with the law, Walter founded his own tech company, Scorpion Computer Services. Since then, Walter has been employed by the government to shore up cyber security, started multiple business including Concierge Up and Scorpion Studios Inc., and even saved the lives of American troops by creating ScenGen, the world’s fastest artificial intelligence. Prepare to have your mind blown and business grown by this genius hacker and living legend.