S3 E18 - Debbie Downers

Jan 22, 2018, 08:29 PM

Dan and Tom pick over the bones of our 1-1 draw with Southampton at St Mary's on Sunday - a trip that started badly when Dan tried to catch an imaginary train.

The squad was hit by the flu during the week - leaving Eriksen and Lloris incapacitated and unable to play - and while Pochettino may not be using it as an excuse, should we be? How damaging to our Top 4 hopes was the result? And how far is the Sissoko hate really warranted?

Thoughts turn to Newport, and a chance to progress in a competition that may be our best chance of success this season. Will Poch change his approach to the competition? What do we know of Newport? (the answer is next to nothing)

Some transfer talk, then some listener questions. Chin up. COYS.