Goldheart Assembly - Final Performance & Interview

Episode 41,  Jan 22, 2018, 08:58 PM

There has been no shortage of amazing guests on The StageLeft Podcast, and this episode is no exception. Goldheart Assembly’s James Dale and John Herbert join us to talk about their journey, their songs, and reflections after playing their final and farewell gig in London last month. A gig that saw performances from members of The Bluetones, Starsailor, EMF, and The Magic Numbers.

Today they talk about their reasons for splitting, composition techniques, their new projects, and their big break by being the first ever unsigned band on Steve Lamacq’s Live Session – sandwiched between Green Day and Elbow – complete with full orchestra.

From their meeting at university in rival bands, to playing together at London’s Rock Garden, we also hear the final ever performances of King of Rome, Anvil, Harvest in the Snow, Engraver’s Daughter, So long St. Christopher, and Into Desperate Arms.

Also included:

The pivotal moment of meeting Morcheeba’s Andy Nunn;

‘…”I’d join your band, if this was a band,”…and he did in the end…’

The uniqueness of their sound, songwriting and harmony;

‘…Just tonally, our voices went so well together, it gave us a huge head start...’

The reception of their second album, three years in the making;

‘…We had Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, all put offers in for us. We thought that because they loved the early music so much - that if we made better music, wrote a better album, and weren’t attached to another record label, then we would sign to Atlantic Records…’

The hilarious anecdote about using a 200-ton steam engine for the click track to Jesus Wheel;

‘…I placed about nine mics and two of them got wet, got ruined by the steam. I didn’t know what I was doing so I just placed them everywhere…’

This entertaining, and honest interview, gives great insight into not only the band, but the inner workings and politics of the music industry, radio stations, and how not to place your microphones beside a 200-ton steam engine…