The Future of Britain

Jan 23, 2018, 09:04 AM, London, Greater London, England

Invited talk, Chipping Barnet Labour Party, Greek Cypriot Community Trust, London, January 22nd.

"Danny was the first speaker in our "Chipping Barnet Labour presents….." - a series of open talks, which aimed to engage and inform the public on things that matter to us all. Danny is a brilliant speaker and author, whose work focuses on housing, health, employment, education, wealth and poverty. Here's what he was speaking about:

Brexit Vote 2016, Hung Parliament 2017, what in 2018? This illustrated talk offers some explanations for what has recently happened and suggests that in 2018 we will see falling economic inequality, but not celebrate it. The next step is understanding that we are not going to become the richest large country in the world, despite George Osborne’s 2015 promise. We never were – but we could slowly learn to be more normal, kinder, and more understanding. And we would then be much better off in terms of what really matters most.

This event was open to everyone."