Fundamentally Sound Ep. 49 - Gary Parrish

Jan 24, 2018, 01:51 AM

Reags is joined by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports in this episode. The two start the show talking about Gary's time covering John Calipari at Memphis before getting what's the biggest storyline of the college basketball season. Hint: It's Trae Young. Would Young be THE Trae Young if he was somewhere else other than Oklahoma?

After that they start to talk about the new Duke/Kentucky rivalry on the recruiting trail. Is there anyone at the age of 70 doing what K is doing right now?

They then get into if there are truly any great teams this year and who they are. Is there a difference between a scary team and a national title contender? After that they talk about the polls and why it's important that they are around.

Finally the show ends with Gary talking about the most memorable game he's ever covered in person and a must-listen story about the 2004-05 Memphis basketball team.