Fundamentally Sound Ep. 48 - Mark Titus

Jan 22, 2018, 03:14 AM

Reags is joined by Mark Titus of the Ringer and One Shining Podcast in Episode 48. The two start the episode by talking about a common experience - talking with Purdue fans. They talk about just how good this team is and the one reason to be wary of them as a national title contender.

After that Titus and Reags go to the other Big 10 teams and talk Ohio State and the conference as a whole. Is there a reason the conference is down this year again? They then go around the country to talk about just how many true national title contenders there are and what makes a team a national title contender?

Finally, they discuss their favorite 3v3 teams and how Gonzaga is a hipster college basketball team. It's a must-listen, so make sure you listen, rate, review and subscribe.