Sleep better, live longer - A conversation with my Dad

Jan 25, 2018, 09:33 PM, Harlech, Wales, United Kingdom

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The guy sat in the car with me is my Dad, Roger Payne. He lives in Wales and I don't get to see him or the mountains nearly enough.

We got together recently and while sat in the car and I took out my recording gear.

As far as I remember I've never sat down to record a conversation with my Dad. He is in his 70's but you would never guess it. Still climbing mountains he's also spent the last few years renovating an old farmhouse and building a business with his wife Lesley.

They make duvet's out of wool. An amazing type of duvet called a Baavet. The business was successful before the dragons on Dragons Den offered to invest. And it still is after my Dad turned down their offer.

Listen to the audio and then if you feel inspired go visit their site. If you are quick you may just catch the end of a sale.

Thanks to @Laica23 ( for creating the sheep/quilting machine sound piece at the beginning and end.

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