The Cyclo-Cross Podcast

Jan 29, 2018, 06:10 PM

This week's episode of The Cycling Podcast is the debut episode of The Cyclo-Cross Podcast.

As thoughts and mud-encrusted wheels turn towards the World Championships in Valkenburg at the weekend, The Cycling Podcast kicks off its comprehensive coverage of the races for the rainbow jersey with an extended preview episode. 

Unexpectedly enthused by his trip to Scheldecross before Christmas, former agnostic Daniel Friebe and 'cross experts Balint Hamvas and Renaat Schotte reconvene to ponder some of the key narratives that will play out in the Netherlands. On the men’s side, can anyone break or even challenge home hero Mathieu van der Poel’s season-long domination? As well as our 'cross connoisseurs, Renaat and Balint, we canvass the opinions of leading journalists and people-in-the-know.

We then turn our focus to the women and their longer-odds favourite, Sanne Cant. One of the leading contenders to beat Cant, Nikki Brammeier, is also the queen bee of our ‘cross partners Mudiiita. In the podcast, Nikki reports back from a course recce in Valkenburg and reassess her own chances accordingly.

After this amuse-bouche, Lionel Birnie - who else? - will be on the ground in Valkenburg and serving up three more substantial 'cross helpings later in the week.

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