Are There Any Fixes for Kentucky and Kansas, Plus UNC/Duke Preview

Feb 08, 2018, 03:02 AM

In this episode Reags is joined by both Chris Stone of Sporting News and Fansided and Adam Rowe from 247Sports. Reags starts the show with Chris and immediately get off track and with a hot take. Find out what day really upsets Chris and how they'd possibly go about fixing some schedules and if they like nonconference games happening in January.

After the random talk, they finally get into what people want to know about. What's the one fix Reags has for Kentucky that could help its season going forward? Is there roster concern for Kansas? What's the one team you trust the most to show up night and night out? They also ask the question that was from @3x3uhoops - with a tie game who is the one player you want to take the game-winner? 

After that Reags is joined by Adam to preview the Duke/UNC game on Thursday night. Where are the mismatches, what's the storyline to watch and how important is this game in the grand scheme of things?