Talking Social Media & Personal Safety with Sonia Figueroa

Season 1, Episode 68,  Feb 08, 2018, 02:43 PM

Episode Summary:

Transitional High School Registration

Big Brother Big Sister program

Live video streaming with Periscope

Being a "Purist" on social media

A breakdown of Sonia's day

Learning to go with the flow and spreading out your schedule

Using social media to interact and engage with people

Snapchat connection with Chicago Tribune Team

Knowing the right platform for your business

The importance of being authentic

The three incidents that led to Sonia obtaining her concealed carry permit

The process of obtaining a Foid card and going through a firearms course with Cook County Sherif Tony Wasco

Bringing in the real estate perspective on the 2nd ammendment

How to gain your power back after feeling powerless

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