How to Bullet Proof Your Marriage

Episode 656,  Feb 10, 2018, 02:22 AM

On this week's OC SPOTLIGHT we talk to a long time forensic accountant, John Stirling Kinross, who has collected and chronicled his most amazing divorce cases in a new book specifically for women entitled HOW YOUR HUSBAND SCREWS YOU IN DIVORCE (and how you can protect yourself by BULLET PROOFING YOUR MARRIAGE). In it he gives fascinating case studies ("horror stories" as he calls them) of affluent, intelligent women who in the name of love did NOT treat their marriage as a real contract nor insist on the same level of clarity, transparancy and legal protection that they would in any other form of partnership. "We prepare for all types of disasters," says author John Stirling Kinross. "So why not divorce?"  Learn from the mistakes of others in this series of real life examples (none of which you'll ever believe could possibly happen to you) and take the simple, precautionary steps John recommends to truly protect yourself from the "doomsday scenario" that you hope and pray will never happen.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  And thereby BULLET PROOF YOUR MARRIAGE from the disaster of divorce.