An insight into the mindset of a 'paedophile-hunter' - @StephenNolan interviews the man who was part of a group who surrounded a BBC reporter investigating 'paedophile-hunter' activities

Feb 13, 09:45 AM

This morning - an extended interview with a paedo-hunter who used the pseudonym James SJ O'Neill. The BBC's Kevin Magee has named his real identity as George Keenan. Kevin confronted paedophile hunter George Keenan at his home to ask what right he has to go after alleged paedophiles. Then, last week, a further twist to this story. There was dramatic footage last week after footage emerged of Kevin Magee being surrounded by a group of paedophile hunters in Belfast. Kevin had been lured to a location under false pretences and was surrounded and followed by a group of men. They got into his face, screaming at him. When he got into a car to try to leave the scene, one paedophile hunter sat in front in the middle of the road so that the car couldn't drive off. The recording was posted on social media. When we covered this story last week, the paedophile hunter George Keenan - the man who you just heard in that clip, who led the group that confronted Kevin Magee, contacted the Nolan Show. We want you to hear this. Some of you support these people, rather than the police. Listen to this and decide whether that's the right thing to do. Stephen began the interview by asking Mr Keenan why he did not use his real name when confronting people.