Nolan exclusive - nearly £400,000 spent on TV broadcasting for the NI Assembly even though they haven't been sitting for more than 13 months - @AllisonMorris1 and @BenLowry2 react

Feb 20, 2018, 11:04 AM

A Nolan Show exclusive - we can reveal that it has cost more than £380,000 for TV broadcasting for the Northern Ireland Assembly - even though they haven't been sitting since January last year. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that since February 2017 it has cost a total of £387,936 for broadcasting services. That service is provided by Pi Communications and we want to make it clear that there is no suggestions that there is any wrong doing from the company they simply hold the contract. Power-sharing collapsed in January 2017 with the last Assembly proceedings held on January 24th 2017 - since then MLAs have only returned twice in March 2017 for new MLAs taking the role of membership after the snap election (March 13th) and a special session to pay tribute to the late Martin McGuinness (March 22nd 2017). Allison Morris from the Irish News and Ben Lowry from the Newsletter react.