Full Reptile Radio #3 - Dan Hardy & Dean Amasinger

Episode 3,  Feb 20, 2018, 10:56 PM

This episode I'm joined by my good friend Dean Amasinger. Many years ago Dean joined myself and Paul Daley and the rest of Team Rough House, and pursued a career in prizefighting. We shared many hellish conditioning and sparring sessions, and many car journeys to and from training. He was also in my corner for my last fight, in Nottingham, and has become an excellent coach. Working with the likes of Ross Pearson, James Te Huna and Michael Bisping.

As well as having a wealth of MMA knowledge, he is also one of the leading diet and weight-cutting specialists, and in future episodes we will get into some of that. I like questioning him about the supplements I am using, and always learn something. Aside from his work in the world of MMA, he is employed as the Tackle and Grapple coach with the England Rugby senior team.

In this episode we discuss the recent fight card in Texas, headlined by Donald Cerrone and Yancy Medeiros. At the end we discuss the upcoming UFC 222 card, and sandwiched right between the two we touch on a more sensitive subject. Dean and I debate the back-and-forth I had on Twitter with UFC welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

Thanks for checking it out.