Vermont Head Coach John Becker and Former Wisconsin Guard Ben Brust

Feb 21, 2018, 01:45 AM

Reags starts the episode with Vermont head coach John Becker to talk about the Catamounts. UVM is one of the most consistent teams in the country, what's the reasoning behind that? Becker talks about recruiting strategies and how he's had to adapt to the movement of the small ball era and emphasis on the 3-point line. After that he talks about scheduling and some of the problems the Catamounts ran into this year with a loaded nonconference schedule. Finally he talks about getting ready to play in a win or go home conference tournament and whether a coach is okay with losing a game to snap a long streak. 

After that Ben Brust joins the show to talk about the Louisville news. Why is vacating wins the dumbest penalty the NCAA can hand out? Brust then talks about Frank Kaminsky's jersey retirement night and shares stories from being in Madison for that before talking about the difference of Final Four contenders and title contenders. What teams fall in what category for both Reags and Brust. Finally the guys draft teams for an NCAA All-Star game. They do a snake draft to come up with the teams and want to hear what team would be favored.