Terry Wogan - First Weekend Wogan

Feb 14, 2012, 10:41 PM

Terry Wogan left his Radio Two breakfast show ‘Wake up to Wogan’ at the end of 2009. He’d begun his second reign on the early shift as an accomplished broadcaster. He left as a national treasure.

Terry returned to Radio 2 in February 2010 to a weekend show in front of an audience: ‘Weekend Wogan’. Hear here the opening of that first edition.

Whilst 30,000 people sought a place in the audience, and all who attended would have been delighted to witness the Master in action, just maybe this was not the best environment for one of the World’s most intimate broadcasters. Terry had appeared often on TV, and here he was on a televised radio show in front of an audience, but just maybe he was most at home in the studio. Alone. Just his listener and a microphone #Radio2