Labour’s new Brexit dawn… or just Red Cake-ism?

Episode 42,  Mar 02, 2018, 07:00 AM

Jeremy Corbyn has FINALLY come out in favour of “a” Customs Union. But are Labour’s ideas just Tory cake-and-eat-it promises with red icing on top? And why is he still repeating the Big Bus Lie that we can fund everything with imaginary money returned from Brussels? Special guest HELEN LEWIS, deputy editor of the New Statesman, joins us to dissect Jezza’s new-look Brexit policy.

(Annoyingly, we recorded this one after May had dismissed the EU exit treaty draft out of hand. Grrr. Again.)

Plus: The Irish Border problem that won’t go away and the brazen idiocy of Boris Johnson’s “Oyster Card” solution. Should Britain get a grip and stop worshipping Winston Churchill? Would you eat TRUMP BEEF? And discover how a single punch in a Commons bar led inexorably to the Brexit catastrophe.

“For people like Liam Fox, Brexit is the abiding mission of their political lives. You’d imagine they’d have thought about it a bit more before now…”

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