Episode 79: Director Duncan Jones And Composer Clint Mansell Discuss The Music Of Mute And Moon

Mar 02, 2018, 03:40 PM

We have a treat for you on this week's episode of Soundtracking in partnership with the EE BAFTAs, as Duncan and Clint join Edith from LA

If not a match made in heaven, then it was certainly a match made on Moon. For that was their first collaboration. Such was the success of that film it seemed inevitable the pair would re-unite - and so it is they us to discuss their latest project together - the Netflix Original film, Mute.

Co-written and directed by Duncan, Mute tells the story of a mute bartender searching for his girlfriend, who mysteriously disappears in a near-future Berlin. It was an incredibly personal film for him, given the time he spent in the city with his father, David Bowie, during the 1970s.

During the interview, we discuss the thoughts and processes behind Clint's score, Duncan's needle-drops and the more general sonic tone he was aiming for. We also explore Moon in detail too.