Yours Hopefully

Mar 09, 01:22 PM

Poem by Michael Rosen

Meine Lieben*

my dears,

from where we are now

but I can’t say how

we have hopes

we have fears.

So send us news

send us a word

as we haven’t heard.

Please send for our brothers

send for our mother.

Nothing more can be said

as this letter may be read

by others.

Dear sisters

from your brothers

between us such a distance

meine Lieben


I close this letter

hoping with you

tomorrow will be better

meine Lieben

my dears.

*meine Lieben’ (pronounced ‘my-na lee-bn’), meaning ‘my dears’.

**ambestens (pronounced as if in southern British English: ‘um...(rhyming with ‘hum’) bestens’ as if in English it was written ‘bestence’), meaning ‘best wishes’.