Studio Vibes With Galeano.

Mar 09, 2018, 05:34 PM

Good Afternoon Fam, On this new episode of #Sportsbizmusic the podcast I got the chance to sit down with Galeano a local talented artist from South Florida. Born in Columbia and raised New York and Florida Galeano is proving to the world that she has a different sound from every other artist and more. In our conversation we talked about her love and passion for music rather it's listening, watching music coming to light or even creating music. we also talked about her the different eras of music and why she felt that the 90s era of hip-hop is the golden era and we talked about her new up and coming project "Friendly Skies" and more!

Link and Bio

A Colombian New Yorkina, residing in south florida, Galeano has been exposed to quite some music. Growing up on the likes of Grupo Fania, Niche, Frankie Ruiz, to ABBA, The Beatles, Camilo Sesto, Rocio Dúrcal. Then later growing into the early teens with Hip Hop. Listening to Nas, a tribe called quest, biggie, bone thugs, jigga, mc lyte, Queen latifah, Lil Kim and many more. Music became a world to get lost in, and immediately became a haven for her mind. Dabbling in jazz and classical From church choir to school choir, to talent shows, music became a dominating factor and an apparent talent.

Experimenting through the years as well as going through hardships allowed for her to find a unique sound, blending harmonies, the knowledge of music that was instilled through the years, with soulful futuristic beats. Galeano is on the path to painting Friendly Skies for everyone to enjoy….