Dan McDougall - Liam Gallagher

Mar 19, 2018, 04:03 PM

We are delighted to welcome Liam Gallagher’s drummer, Dan McDougall, to The StageLeft Podcast.

Dan paints an interesting picture on being the first person to collaborate on the demos for Liam Gallagher’s platinum selling album – As You Were.

He discusses in detail his and Liam’s unique relationship, the early rehearsals, and Liam’s reaction on hearing Dan’s favourite record of all time; ‘…he took my beer off me and announced to the table I was too drunk…’

A man who facilitated the second coming of the force that is Liam Gallagher, Dan discusses his development as songwriter and drummer, what the first rehearsals with Liam were like, how to thrive when working with big personalities, and how to prepare for high pressure shows such as last month’s Brit Awards, where he had to the sing the most important line in Live Forever to this year’s biggest TV audiences. Dan gives incredible insight into how to succeed in the music industry as a songwriter, producer, and session musician. He talks about his preferred recording software, playing Don’t Look Back in Anger at Glastonbury, arriving for the One Love Manchester with minutes to spare, how he tailors his songwriting for individual artists, and the price to be paid for working in the music industry;

‘…It’s the waiting game isn’t it, there’s a lot of waiting around (on tour), so some people just turn to something else to keep themselves busy…’

Also discussed are Dan’s career setbacks, the science of songwriting, his technique to get over writer’s block, and his advice for young musicians;

‘…Don’t be so disheartened by someone telling you something is bad, or you can work on it. I think I’d tell people don’t be offended because there will be a lot of people saying no along the way – just take it on the chin and keep working harder…’

We hear from fellow Leeds College of Music alumni John Waugh (Episode 32), and Dan explains why LCoM has been so important to himself and others. He answers what challenges exist for young musicians today, what fears he has for the music industry - and how they might be addressed, and will there be a second Liam Gallagher album on the horizon.

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