Lokeshvara - Around the World in 80 Days

Episode 30,   Mar 15, 2018, 02:08 PM

The first in an occasional series this year of unreleased archive episodes from Buddhist Voices. Here's Lokeshvara, one of our two International Order Conveners in Triratna, talking in 2015 at the end of his voyage around the world achieved in exactly 80 days. No hot-air balloons or steam trains or packet ships, alas, just lots of economy flights and time zone surfing! 

What we do hear coming through is why it's worth such an effort. Lokeshvara gives a great impressionistic sense of the "flavour" of a worldwide, very diverse community. What it's like to attend big national and international events, and also experience brief but deeply affecting one-on-one engagements with Order members quietly getting on with their practice in their own local situation.

A splendid look back at a special journey for the benefit of all beings...

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