The Lost Army Of Cambyses

Jan 21, 2018, 04:19 AM

Can 50,000 men truly disappear beneath the sand? The Persian King Cambyses II ruled between 530 and 522BC making great progress in the Persian advance into Egypt. According to The Histories, written by Herodotus between 434-425BCE , the famous Oracle of Amon had predicted the impending demise of Cambyses. Enraged at the news Cambyses sent out 50,000 troops into the desert to cross into the Oasis and kill the Oracle, taking the Ammonians as slaves… Weeks pass and his army does not return, nor did they arrive at Siwa. According to legend the Persians had reached half way but when taking their midday meal a great southern wind arose creating massive columns of whirling sand, swallowing the 50,000 men. Join us for this weeks episode where we look into the the details of this strange account, the history, theories and some interesting modern accounts of the search for Cambyses Lost Army.

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