Education & Awareness

Mar 16, 2018, 04:30 PM

We are back with another fascinating conversation with a person who is helping in shaping Indian fitness industry in a way nobody ever imagined.

He brings forth real yet affordable education for Indian coaches and trainers. He is an entrepreneur a physiotherapist, an ace coach and above all a great human being. He is supporting people from the lower strata of our society and bringing them up to live an honorable life.

We could have talked with him about techniques tricks and wt loss but it would be a huge waste of his time and wisdom. So we talked about how he created a whole new business, how he created it without compromising with his ideologies.

And he opened his heart to the road to revamp that how a middle-class lad created and fulfilled his dreams with hard work, grit and sheer willpower.

We are proudly presenting Dr. Chirag Sethi in our current episode.

Check out his academy's Website, Facebook and find him on facebook and on his own website.

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