Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs. DC Extended Universe

Episode 38,   Mar 18, 2018, 04:04 PM

On this episode of the Split Screen Podcast, host Shah Shahid is joined by James Amatuzio to comparing the different film franchises of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe.


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Shah & James discuss whether they were DC or Marvel kids.

How does the shared universe model translate from page to screen?

Justice League [ ] is STILL the lowest grossing DCEU movie since this recording to the release of the podcast.

[ ]

James’s first reaction to the current status and future of the MCU, and what makes it so successful [ ]

Robert Downey Jr. is the gem of the MCU.

Jon Favreau was the original godfather of the MCU.

What happened behind the scenes of the MCU?

The beginning of the DCEU with Man Of Steel. [ ]

A timeline of how all the DCEU films came about, leading up to Justice League. [ ]

How Wonder Woman [ ] increased expectations for Justice League.

Shah breaks down the problems of measuring a movie’s quality based on Box Office collections.

James & Shah theorize about the future of the DCEU franchise.

Who is Geoff Johns [ ] and why isn’t he in charge of the creative elements of the DCEU?

Analyzing the controversies and scandals of both franchises, and how each franchise handled it.

DCEU’s films in development rival MCU’s current released films. [ ]

Kevin Feige is a superhero movie God! [ ]

Is money all that matters for the DCEU?

James outlines a plan for hw the DCEU can get back on track and truly rival the MCU in terms of business model and quality.

James & Shah dreamcast (director & cast) of future DCEU movies.


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