Main Show EPISODE 235: TON

Mar 21, 2018, 05:33 AM

It's a Death Metal Plague this week with hosts Sean, Bob, Slim, Alison & Angel joined in studio by Northeast Ohio Death Metal legends TON to discuss their recent remaster and re-release of their 1999 album "Plague." We discuss some history behind the band, their early demos, and their upcoming plans for performing, recording, and touring in 2018. Plus! Slim and Sean play alcoholic Tic-Tac Toe and Chris Clem gives us a gift.

This weeks topics include: Death Metal, Who is more drunk, Sean's racist to his cat

This Episode is sponsored by: Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography

Listen to the re-release of Ton's album "Plague" on Spotify. or visit their bandcamp page at