Season 3 Episode 5: Antigone in the Spotlight

Mar 22, 07:45 AM

A dead playwright’s final production brings Antigone into conflict once again with the Ringmistress, Marlene Magdalena.

by David K. Barnes

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Directors - Andy Goddard and John Wakefield
Production Manager - Elizabeth Campbell Music - James Whittle and the Piffling Philharmonic Recorded at the Artspace Studio Brixton Announcer - Eleanor Rushton

Antigone Funn - Beth Eyre
Rudyard Funn - Felix Trench Georgie Crusoe - Ciara Baxendale Eric Chapman - Tom Crowley Madeleine - Belinda Lang Rev. Nigel Wavering - Andy Secombe Marlene Magdalena - Emily Stride Sid Marlowe - Paul Putner Petunia Bloom - Sarah Thom Nana Crusoe - Julia Deakin Bill / Various - Pip Gladwin Tanya / Various - Holly Campbell