ESPN with John Fox, Virginia with Inside Injuries, and NCAA with March Madness!

Mar 22, 04:08 PM

Gregg Sussman and Corey Parson open the show questioning why ESPN would hire John Fox as an NFL analyst, even though he was a terrible coach. The guys chat with Virginia Zakas of Inside Injuries, as she updates Corey on the health of his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors. The guys are joined by Jake Ciely, as they break down the NCAA Sweet 16 match-ups, as well as argue if Terrelle Pryor would be a better fit for the Seahawks or Jets. Jake, Gregg, and Corey also argue about how MLB should schedule their Opening Day games, including how they should pick certain teams (Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox) to open at home every year. Later, the breaking news of Jason Pierre Paul being traded to the Bucaneers is broken down, with Jake thinking this is a bad move by the Giants. 

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